Lab members

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   End-of-summer drinks, August 2017.

Group leader: Knut Drescher

PhD student: Lucia Vidakovic

Post-doc: Praveen Singh

PhD student: Francisco Diaz

Post-doc: Raimo Hartmann

PhD student: Sanika Hakim

PhD student: Eric Jelli

Post-doc: Kazuki Nosho

PhD student: Hannah Jeckel

Post-doc: Takuya Ohmura

Master student: Eva Jimenez

Master student: Konstantin Neuhaus

Master student: Pauline Buffard

   Former lab members:
   Carey Nadell (moved to: Assistant Professor, Dartmouth)
   Stoyan Yordanov (moved to: Postdoc, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research)
   Sabina Bartalomej (MSc, moved to: Merck)
   Verena Kosfeld (MSc, moved to: Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology IME)

   Older lab pictures:

   Gluhwein on the Christmas market, December 2016.

   BBQ at Praveen's place, July 2015.