Lecture Courses and Practicals

Teaching materials for the individual courses are posted on the ILIAS platform.
2019-2021 Physics I for BSc students in the natural sciences
2019-2021 Physics II for BSc students in the natural sciences
2015-2019 SYNMIKRO III: Quantitative Data Analysis and Modeling (MSc Molecular & Cellular Biology)
2016, 2018
Biophysics: From Molecules to Life (MSc Physics)
2015-2019 IMPRS course: confocal microscopy (IMPRS graduate school)
2015 IMPRS course: Data Analysis in Microbiology (IMPRS graduate school)


2018 Dies Academicus, Philipps-Universit├Ąt Marburg: Panel discussion, physics in biology
2016 Campus Marburg (aimed at the general public): From single molecules to living matter
2015 Hochschultage Marburg (aimed at physics high school teachers and students): Modern Microscopy